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Leadership coaching

Leadership coaching can help successful leaders become even more successful. 

Undoubtedly, you’re an accomplished executive. But even the cream of the crop need guidance and feedback to break through to the next level.

Ask yourself:

  • Can you create a succinct and compelling business proposition?
  • Can you deliver a presentation that has impact?
  • Do you understand the dynamics of team workings?
  • Can you navigate the political arena?
  • Do you have the influence skills to gain the cooperation and collaboration you need to be successful?
  • Are you an inspiring and motivational leader who engages others?
  • Do you understand what it takes to be successful in your environment?
  • Are you realizing your career goals?

Acquiring these key skills can take years of hard work and dedication. One-on-one coaching has been shown to accelerate this process – its impact is better and longer lasting than other forms of development programs.

First, Ruth will help you understand your work style – approach to different situations, strengths, weaknesses and leadership skills. Then, she’ll work with you to build a roadmap to realizing your most ambitious career goals.

An individualized approach

Based on her extensive corporate experience, Ruth Brothers has developed a unique coaching program she calls TLC – Executive & Talent Leadership Coaching. TLC is a tailored, individualized coaching process that helps leaders and high-potential employees build business and leadership skills at an accelerated pace.

Taking into account the individual’s skills, level of experience, industry and business environment, Ruth develops a plan and approach for them and their organization to consider. Ruth works with both the sponsor (client organization) and the individual to decide what the success indicators would look like and what specific skills the individual should develop or strengthen.

It’s a team effort that results in positive business outcomes for everyone involved. Throughout the process, Ruth is committed to regular, two-way feedback with the sponsor and the individual, while maintaining strict confidentiality, respect and trust within the group.

Leadership performance coaching

Perfect for those who want to strengthen individual leadership skills and behaviours, and become even more successful. This includes learning new, more effective ways of leading teams and increasing individual capacity to take on new responsibilities and challenges.

Onboarding coaching

This coaching is to help leaders hit the ground running in a new organization. Ruth can help work with key stakeholders to identify the most important job responsibilities, deliverables and expectations for the first year. She’ll also guide the new leader in understanding and navigating the company culture, integrating teams and planning to achieve business results.

High-potential development coaching

For those who are identified as key to the organization’s future, the focus should be on leadership development, relationship building, effective communication, and influence skills. This session will accelerate the process of developing these skills and preparing a high-potential individual for a future leadership role. 

Feedback debriefing and development planning

Ruth works with organizations to build on their performance assessment process. This includes helping employees establish professional development plans based on feedback, assessment results and other relevant data*.

* Where a psychological assessment is used to provide the data for coaching and where feedback is required, an associate of Ruth Brothers (registered psychologist) is included in the coaching program.

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