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Professional development

Tough conversations

Some conversations are more challenging than others.  And the results can have a huge impact on how effective we are or feel following the conversation.  Knowing how to prepare and have a tough conversation, particularly when emotions are high is key.

Types of tough conversations or ones where emotions may run high:

  • Mismatch of expectations (unhappy clients)
  • Difficult messages (needs improvement performance review)
  • Resistant listener (shock & anger reaction)
  • Feared message (avoidance & flight)

In this engaging session, participants will:

  • cover the steps in preparing for difficult conversations,
  • discuss how to start and deliver the message,
  • learn the language to maintain mutual respect
  • understand how to help both parties reach a shared understanding of the message

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Powerful results and success through influence

One of the most difficult challenges in our career is how to be successful and get the results you want when you don’t have formal authority or control.

Having an effective model for breaking down interdepartmental barriers, building collaboration internally and externally, gaining mutual assistance and in the end, turning coworkers, clients and internal competitors into allies is key to career success.

“No matter what level individuals are at in an organization, or what kinds of clients they deal with, their success depends on being able to partner effectively, conduct critical conversations and influence people over whom they have no formal control.

Drawing on the insights from her extensive business experience and professional teaching, Ruth Brothers will show you how to:

  • Coax cooperation from the people who control the resources
  • Acquire key information and overcome barriers
  • Hold the “tough conversations”
  • Gain support for your personal objectives
  • Hone your “influence” skills

This is a highly interactive seminar, designed to introduce participants to the concepts of partnering successfully, conversing effectively and influencing key stakeholders to a successful outcome.

At the end of the session participants leaves with a personalized strategy to deal with their most critical “influence” challenge.


Who should attend:

  • Business Professionals responsible for company-wide projects
  • Senior HR Professionals with cross functional business partners
  • Senior HR/Finance/IT teams * this program is ideally suited to intact teams responsible for the implementation of large scale multi-functional projects

Contact Ruth for more information about this session.